What is ई-ज्ञान :

ई-ज्ञान is an advance learning environment that effect a host of features and functionality to the students making it easier and better than ever to learn through distance education .ई-ज्ञान is powered by an multi-award mining learning management system.

ई-ज्ञान offers the following unique benefits to the distance education structure.

       A centralized system to access all information related to the course a student is undertaking. This includes learning, resources,         information, payments, dispatches, personal profile and much more.

       A fully-functional, web-based environment supporting virtual classroom.

       Beyond conventional training methods-Enhanced social learning tools in e-gyan offer students to create their own network of friends         and also enable them to share useful and relevant content in form of videos/photos with each other and update/share finely         information with each other through ई-ज्ञान.

       Integrated detailed information an assignments, exams, courses, placement etc.

The ई-ज्ञान is a very easy to use and contemporarily –designed web-system. e-Kku is an ideal platform to access all learning material, interact with subject, seek on demand help or queries and connect with each other students with similar interacts. ई-ज्ञान supports all courses offered by SHOKEENDA.

Why ई-ज्ञान :

“Give the pupils something to do,not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking, learning naturely result.” ई-ज्ञानis not focused only an making learning naturial available for access but aims to offer a complete leaving environment to the student which lets then access contant, work with students environment to the student and using the technology to disseminate information and learning seamlessly.ई-ज्ञान offers an experience which goes beyond studying. It allows the students to act and reactas they would in a physical brick and motion school and in the process enable them to learn and grow in future.

ई-ज्ञान Features:



       Anytime learning
       Anyplace learning
       Cost effective learning
       Consictent learning


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