Professional Courses

Server Support Engineer

Module 1

Analog and Digital

Electronic Component.
Multimeter and Trainer Kit.
Analog and Digital Conversation.
Transformer / Transistor.
Logic Gates with details.
Overview of Microprocessor and Co-Processor PPI, PIC, DMA & UDMA.
Function of CPU Processing in details.
Overview of ISA, PCI, AGP, AMR, Slot.
Overview of Memories.
Different type of hard disk & floppy disk, cards main boards, power supply with details.
Data concepts logical and physical.
Generation of computer with full details.

PC Components with Practical

Differents Types of Motherboard's.
Cables and SMPS.
Data Operating Cards e.g. VGA, Sound, Modem, TV Tunner, LAN Card etc.
Assembling of PC.
Disassembling of PC.
Input and Ouput SCSI Devices with full details.

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